Teenzone – An Art Project Led by Young People

We at BlueFire are great believers that art has the power to break down barriers, to connect people, to change individuals and open up space for meaningful discussions. With that in mind we, an artist and Bradog and Stoneybatter Youth Services, implemented our Teenzone Project. The Teenzone project was originally a weeklong art-focused activity for young people which happened during the summer. Young people would come together, develop a concept and use art to express their collective vision.

This year we tried something slightly new. Artist Jane Fogarty, alongside youth leaders from the above Youth Services, facilitated the project over the course of six weeks leading up to the weeklong workshop. Like before, the young people were in charge of developing a concept for this year’s project. However, Jane maximised the period leading up to the workshop week by allowing the participants to explore with various materials and create their own individual form of expression. The young people brought what they learned and experienced into creating a concept that surround the life of a young person and what it is like to be a young person in this time and age.

The collective project opened up a space for young people to discuss and identify what was similar and what was different for each member when it  comes to what it means and what is involved in being a young person in Dublin. During the weeklong workshop, they had the opportunity to work together and have all of their individual efforts feeding into a collective project.

We had the pleasure of seeing a growing interest in arts in some of the young people involved in the project and we hope that this experience have awoken a greater interest in them to use art to express themselves and to connect with each other, and others, outside of our facilitated workshop.

The artwork created by these young people will be displayed at Dublinternational 2018 on the 15th of September ! Come along to see their work and to meet some of them!

Jane Fogarty: http://www.janefogarty.com/

Bradog Youth Services:http://www.bradog.com/about_us

Stoneybatter Youth Service: http://www.cdysb.ie/Projects/Directory/Stoneybatter-Youth-Service.aspx