Spoken Word @BlueFire After Hours

Generator Hostel, 8pm – 10.30pm

With all that’s going on in the world, we are delighted to offer an evening to explore local and global issues at this spoken word event as part of our BlueFire After Hours Series. Come and see Ireland and the world through the lens of these writers and poets.

Kevin Higgins:

Kevin Higgins, published author, co-organiser of Over the Edge literary events, and Creative Writing Director for the NUI Galway Summer School, has been praised by Observer columnist Nick Cohen, Tony Blair’s biographer John Rentoul, and Sunday Independent columnist Gene Kerrigan, among others. He has been quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Times (UK), The Independent, and The Daily Mirror. The Stinging Fly magazine recently described Kevin as “likely the most read living poet in Ireland.”

Clara Rose Thornton:

Clara Rose Thornton is a spoken word artist, culture journalist, event organizer, and RTE radio and television broadcaster. Her work focuses on the arts and their intersection with social justice, identity politics, history, and place. She is Chicago-born, New-York-simmered, Dublin-dwelling.

Alicia Byrne Keane:

Alicia Byrne Keane is a performance poet and occasional bass player from Dublin. She features regularly at poetry nights around Ireland and the UK. She has performed at festivals such as Lingo, F Festival, Body & Soul, Castlepalooza, and Electric Picnic, and has been published in journals such as Bare Hands and Headstuff. She has one collection of poems, titled We Could Be In The Sky.

Nia Mishra:

Describing herself as an Irish-Indian poet, reflective development researcher, academic and small-brown woman”, Nita has worked with international NGOs and written in peer reviewed journals. Her inspired poetry will touch on subjects such as memories of an Indian past, women’s stories and ancestry.


Felicia Olusanya, known by the stage name, FeliSpeaks, is a spoken word artist, dreaming to change the face of poetry in Ireland. Paving her way through slams and poetry competitions, she has come a long way in performing and sharing poetry that reflects her life. Drawing on personal experiences of love, life and the social concerns of young people to create work, her poems will last long in the memory of anyone who dares to listen.

Rebecca Kealy:

Rebecca Kealy is a poet and multimedia artist, founder and host of Every Second Wednesday (The Odd Wednesday) and the soon to be released DUBH magazine. She has performed in venues across Dublin as well as at festivals including Knockanstockan, Body and Soul and Electric Picnic.

Ingrid Casey:

Ingrid Casey is an emerging page poet. A multi-talented artist, Ingrid has interests in visual art, literature and marginality in urban spaces. She is a featured speaker at UCD Berkeley summer school and showcased at the John Hewitt International Summer school 2017.

Gregory Jackson:

Gregory Jackson is a poet, performance artist, musician and philosophy student from Maynooth University, interested in the intersection between art and thought. More specifically, his artistic practise explores the liminal space between something and nothing. This ‘between’ space requires artistic practise to evoke, and, he believes, conditions all thought. Through the experience of the performance, it is thought that thinking might begin.

Nicholas Fitzgerald: 

Nicholas Fitzgerald started performing poetry back in 2009 while studying for a B.A. in Writing. Highlights include performing at the Volvo Ocean Race Final, Limerick Fringe festival and at Thoor ballylee – Yeats’ Tower. In December 2016 he won the All Ireland Poetry Slam in Limerick and may go on to compete in Brussels this December. He loves the chats so say hello.

“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

Francis Scott Fitzgerald. American Novelist.

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