It’s all about the music

We’re delighted to announce our mainstage lineup for BlueFire Street Fest ‘17, and we can tell you now, we cannot wait until the 16th September!

Rhythm Africana – 2pm

Kicking off the show at 2pm, is returning band, Rhythm Africana. Rhythm Africana band brings together a unique group of artists led by Justine Nantale and Terence Mungwande. Members originate from Ireland, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, Angola and Nigeria and the band plays songs from all over Africa, approaching their performances with high energy.

Farah Elle – 3pm

Next up, we have Farah Elle, a songwriter with an alternative pop sound influenced by an eclectic taste of genres; from hip hop to R&B and ska, featuring Arabian echoes from her Libyan background. She is currently based in Meath, having moved to Ireland with her family when she was 2. Her rhythmic lyrics, piano driven songs and distinctive voice aim to reveal something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday.

Kiruu and his band – 3.30pm

Following Farah, we have Kiruu and his band. Kiruu is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of Irish-English origins whose eclectic sound has been formed with influence from his East African upbringing and European roots. His music is interactive and his sound varies from slow indie to stomping swing and everything in between. With his 7 piece band joining him on stage, including Congolese legend Niwel Tsumbu, and Peruvian Jazz Drummer Cote Calmet among others, we can’t wait to see Kiruu’s new sound live.

Ronix & AllegroAndante – 4.30pm

Latin Fusion band AllegroAndante led by Ronix (Ronald Luis Guramato Pino), a Venezuelan singer, songwriter and record producer, will bring you a hint of Latin rhythms to traditional Venezuelan sounds to urban music. Ronix began his musical career in 2000, and recently released his first studio album in the Republic of Ireland. With 3 percussionists, bass, electric guitar and piano, get ready to rumba to some latin beats.

Jiggy – 5.30pm

By 5.30pm, with Jiggy taking to the mainstage, there’ll be no excuse not to get up and dance (if you aren’t up already!). Jiggy seamlessly merge a deep knowledge and respect for musical tradition with forward thinking innovation in an exciting way that connects with audiences worldwide. Formed in 2014 by percussionist Robbie Harris, Jiggy have grown into a phenomenal eight piece live outfit.  The formation of musicians from backgrounds in traditional Irish, Indian folk, electronic and funk music has naturally evolved into a unique soundscape that instantly draws listeners to the music

Balkan Alien Sound Orchestra (BASORK) – 6.30pm

Have you ever heard of Balkan Alien Sound Orchestra (Basork)? We didn’t until earlier this year, but boy when we did…. we fell madly in love! Dancing to their YouTube videos in our office, we knew we had to get them for BlueFire Street Fest 2017! Basork is a ten piece fusion group whose compositions are influenced by Irish, European and Middle Eastern sounds. Brass, Strings and Woodwind combine with hints of jazz, funk and various traditional musics with big melodies and lots of improvisation. Make sure to catch ‘em live on the mainstage at 6.30pm.

Finale – 7.30pm

To end what will be a stellar mainstage lineup, we’ve a special surprise in store. But we aren’t giving away any secrets! Let’s just say, you better have your dancing shoes on as we end BlueFire Street Fest 2017 in spectacular fashion…

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”


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