Casa Peru



We have the pleasure of having Casa Peru with their ballet group Baile Peru performing at Dublinternational again this year! The ballet group’s name comes from “Baile” meaning HOME in Irish and DANCE in Spanish. This ballet is performed by volunteers who love Peruvian culture and wish to encourage people to fall in love with it themselves, no matter their nationality.


Casa Peru (Ireland) was created with the main objective of promoting Peruvian culture in Ireland. They aim to accomplish this by showcasing and teaching traditional folk dancing, traditional cuisine preparation, Peruvian-made film projections and organizing talks to introduce Peruvian literature, among other activities.

As well as Dublinternational, Casa Peru (Ireland) has recently participated in: Cruinniú na Cásca (organized by RTE), Festival 5 de Mayo (organized by Latin America Solidarity Center), Latin American Fest 2018, a presentation at the Mansion House of Peruvian culture to the Irish authorities, and various separate Peruvian food events.



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